Who We Are

The History Behind Our Ecommerce Store

After serving many customers since 1995 as 'Panexgroup', the organization got a makeover in 2017 and launched with GST as INDOGIFTS for Domestic market through E-commerce.

With a touch of contemporary look in our handmade products, we keep in touch with the latest and the trendiest designs in the market. With a promise to protect the environment in every way possible, we entirely guarantee the use of the best quality stainless steel and material to ensure a protection from consumption and chemical acids. With perfect finished products, we are trading all around for use in households, workplaces, hotels, shopping malls, resorts and restaurants.
To remain sure about the perfection of the products, we have built up our own in-house quality evaluation set-up where every last centimeter is examined by the versed experts. Our propelled innovative techniques guarantee the product safety to maintain a strategic distance from harm while transporting for long separation orders. Our work rotates around our energy for fulfilling our customer’s needs, which is the reason we have kept every one of our products on nominal and relevant costs with no compromise in quality. That is the reason today we have a fortune of enduring trust of various clients. Our concern for our customers reflects in our aim


Everybody needs to give their family the best; regardless of whether that implies the best food or the most elevated quality healthcare, everyone wants to give their loved one the best quality products. When selecting the products, it is vital to consider the one which does not harm the environment even a little.
The term eco-friendly portrays a product that isn’t unsafe to the earth. However, it can get more complicated than that, as there are many factors of something that might be “harmful to the environment.” and by keeping that in mind, INDOGIFTS is the best choice for you. Truth be told, a majority of things can negatively influence the environment. However, there are many advantages using eco-friendly products that are not simply centered near the health and well-being of the Earth, but also the health and wellbeing of your family.



We care about nature: INDOGIFTS is an initiative and a crucial step to promote homemade paper with a plan to ensure the environment. Where trees are getting cut by those who love and promote plastic, we are here to do what’s best for humanity. Papermaking by hand, avoid pollution, save forest wealth and use the local raw material to give work to village craftsmen at their entryway steps.
Clients are Priority: We have fulfilled thousands of clients in Europe and USA. Each & Every client matters to us and we give our 100% to make them content with our products. That way, they can trust us.
Say no to Chemical: As we have our own in-house generation unit which empowers us to give you most affordable rates and latest variety. Each sheet is made by hand and dried in normal daylight. It accordingly helps in counteracting water and air contamination by using a little amount of chemical in contrast with the substantial amount of polluting chemicals utilized as a part of factory paper.