Lakshmi Ganesh Idol




Beautiful Handcrafted Goddess Lakshmi Ganesh Idol for Diwali Festival (13cm x 8cm, Golden)

People worship these two deities together to welcome wealth along with intelligence. On the day of Diwali, it is a custom to worship goddess Lakshmi and lord ganesha together. Since no celebration is deemed complete without invoking lord ganesha, Diwali is no exception either. Ganesha is considered as the remover of all obstacles. Hence, he is worshipped first to get rid of all the obstacles that hinder our growth.

  • Material: Others, colour: Golden
  • Package Contents: 2Pcs Lakshmi Ganesh Idol, 5 x 3 Inch
  • Lakshmi ganesha statue is exquisitely hand – crafted in India by master artists
  • Specially Designed for Diwali Festival.
  • Traditional Design Very Appealing And Eye Catching As A Home Decor Item

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